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Welcome Message

Welcome Message

🎉 Greet callers with your brand name, maintaining professionalism. Place your callers on hold efficiently, enabling staff to manage multiple calls. Integration with extension dialling optimises routing, reducing reception costs.

Busy Message​

Busy Message


☎️ When you can't quite answer the call during peak times. Offer the choice to leave a message, ensuring a thoughtful and customer-centric approach.

After Hours Message​​

After Hours Message

🌙 Responds to calls outside regular hours, providing trading hours information. Offers callers options to call back or leave a message, ensuring customer awareness and engagement.

Custom On Hold Music​​​

Custom On Hold Music


🎶 Enhance caller experience by selecting your own genre of engaging music. Move beyond "elevator" tunes and tailor the on-hold atmosphere to captivate your customers.

On Hold Message​

On Hold Messages

📢 Inform, educate, and entertain waiting callers with dynamic product/service details. Interspersed with daily news and diverse content for a fresh and engaging on-hold experience.



Dynamic Start Point​

Change the first message in your loop

🔊 Exclusive to the Premium or Interactive plans, callers experience a dynamic On Hold audio start point each time they call, enhancing engagement and providing a distinct on-hold experience.

Remote Management​

Automated Changes


🔄 Captivate Premium and Interactive plans automate new audio file uploads, saving valuable IT time. Streamlined processes ensure efficient updates without manual intervention.

On Hold Infotainment​​

Dynamic Content Rotation


🌐 Captivate Connect strategically mixes customer promotions with daily news, sports, finance, and historical facts. Ensures 'prime time' placement of your messages, captivating callers with current and engaging content.



Scheduled Promotions​

Scheduled Promotions


📅 Promote events or specials confidently with automated end-date termination. Ideal for scgeuduled events and seasonal messages like Christmas closure dates, ensuring timely promotions that cease automatically on the specified end date.

System Updates​​

System Updates


🚀 Enjoy flexibility with Captivate's swift system updates. Respond to awards, new products, or disaster recovery promptly—changing promotions within hours, ensuring dynamic and timely communication.



Custom Call Back​

Custom Call Back


📞 Reduce caller frustration with a custom option for a call back after a predefined wait time, e.g., 2 minutes. Empowers callers with choice, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Juke Box​​

Juke Box


🎵 Captivate's Interactive plan allows callers to choose their music genre while waiting. Elevate customer experience with this unique option.

Text A Link​​​

Text Link Delivery


📱 Reduce carbon footprint, and efficiently collect mobile numbers for lead generation. Effortlessly share catalogues, brochures, or new patient forms with callers via automated text links while on hold.

Call Survey​​​​

Mid-Call Survey


📋 Enhance participation rates with interactive surveys during calls. Captivate offers mid-call surveys, increasing engagement. Post call surveys also available. Results are collated for valuable customer feedback and data analysis.

Business Intelligence​

Business Intelligence

📊 Captivate delivers data on longest wait times, averages, and user-initiated holds. Benchmark your business against industry averages for insightful performance analysis and strategic improvements.

Additional Options

Audio Recording​*

Audio Recording

🎙️ Professional studio recording of modern scripts, meticulously crafted by professionals using the latest in brand identity technology. Ensure a polished and engaging voice representation for your brand.




5 x Recordings

All prices are in AUD Exclusive of GST and Recommended Retail Price RRP

* Terms, Conditions and Notes

  1. On Hold message allowance is an annual number and is reset each calendar year. Changes can be made anytime. Additional recordings are available
  2. On Hold Infotainment is changed at the frequency noted above
  3. Minimum 36 months term
  4. Prices are in AUD and GST exclusive
  5. Audio Recordings – Includes script writing, in-house voice artists and studio production. We appreciate complete payment prior to us delivering the final audio production
  6. Prices are limited to a single site installation, additional sites will be billed at $20 per site per month
  7. Prices include up to 100 SMS for Text A Link, additional SMS will be billed at $0.20 per SMS

Premium Compatible

Access 4 BroadWorks**
Avaya Aura
Genesys Purecloud
Microsoft Teams
Telstra TIPT**
Vocus IP Tel**

** Can upgrade to Interactive

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Interactive Compatible

Telstra TIPT
Access 4 BroadWorks
Vocus IP Tel

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