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Welcome Message

Unlock Success with a Stellar Welcome Message! 📞

Impress callers instantly 🤩

Set a professional tone 📊

Boost customer confidence 🤝

Share important info 🕒

Keep callers engaged 🎉

Elevate your phone experience today! 🚀

#CustomerFirst #WelcomeMessageWins

On Hold Messages

On Hold Messages: Amplify Your Brand Voice! 📞🔊

Showcase your business’s strengths 🌟

Inform callers about your products/services 📊

Build customer trust and loyalty 🤝

Create a lasting impression 📞

Utilize every hold moment to boost your brand 🚀

Turn wait time into an opportunity with On Hold Messages! 🎉

#BrandMessaging #InformEngageDelight


After Hours Message

After-Hours Message: Never Miss a Beat! 🕘📞

Stay open for business 24/7 🌙

Ensure callers know you’re here for them 🤝

Deliver a professional and reassuring message 🎙️

Keep potential customers engaged and informed 🌐

Prevent customer loss during non-operating hours 📲

Don’t miss a customer, even after hours, with our After-Hours Message feature! 🌟

#AlwaysOpen #CustomerRetention


Seasonal / Scheduled Messages   (Premium Package)

Seasonal Greetings On Hold! 🌟🎵

Create a festive atmosphere 🎉

Share holiday joy with callers 🌲

Tailor messages year-round 📅

Connect on a personal level 🤗

Celebrate every season with style 🎉

Elevate caller experiences with Seasonal Messages On Hold! 📞🎁

#HolidayGreetings #PersonalizedService


Weekly 'Factoids'   (Premium Package)

Educate and Entertain with Weekly Factoids! 🧠📚

Spark curiosity with fascinating facts 🌟

Keep callers engaged and entertained 🎉

Share a new nugget of knowledge each week 🗓️

Make every call a learning opportunity 🤓

Cultivate a fun and informative atmosphere 📞📖

Discover the world of facts with our Weekly Factoids feature! 🌍🔍

#FascinatingFacts #CallerLearning


Text A Link: Revolutionize Communication! 📲

Instantly share web links 🔗

Effortless info exchange 🌐

Enhanced customer engagement 📈

Simplify sharing URLs 🚀

Streamline messaging 📱

Upgrade your texting game today! 📨

#TextALink #EfficiencyMatters


Juke Box Feature   (Interactive Package)

Caller’s Choice: Your Soundtrack, Your Way! 🎵

Personalize your experience 🎶

Choose music that resonates 🎵

Set the mood just right 🌟

Keep callers entertained 🎉

Make each call memorable 📞

Let callers groove with their music on every call! 🎉🔊

#CallerChoice #MusicOnDemand


Call Back Feature   (Interactive Package)

Skip the Queue with Call Back! 📞✨

No more waiting in line ⌛

Instantly connect to our team 🤝

Save time and frustration ⏰

Priority service for you 🌟

Seamless and stress-free calls 📲

Experience hassle-free connections with Call Back! 🚀

#NoMoreQueues #EffortlessService


Daily News, Sports, Weather & More   (Interactive Package)

Stay Informed with Daily Updates! 🌞📰

Get the latest news, sports, and weather 🗞️⚽☀️

Keep callers engaged with fresh content 📢

Stay current and connected 🌐

Enhance the caller experience daily 📆

Make every call an informative experience 🤓📞

Stay updated and engaged with our Daily Content feature! 🎉

#CallerInfo #AlwaysInformed


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Placing an Order has changed


  1. Select ‘Customers‘ from the menu
  2. Choose an exisiting Customer or create a new one
  3. Find the ‘Place Order’ button on the right


Take a look at the video to see where it is now.

“Unlock Success with a Stellar Welcome Message! 📞
  1. Impress callers instantly 🤩
  2. Set a professional tone 📊
  3. Boost customer confidence 🤝
  4. Share important info 🕒
  5. Keep callers engaged 🎉
Elevate your phone experience today! 🚀
#CustomerFirst #WelcomeMessageWins”

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